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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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and moving the goalposts north korea threatens to pull the plug firm a much anticipated summit with u.s. president donald trump the white house keeping firm voicing hope talks will go ahead as planned north korea already backed out of high level talks with seoul today so is the north getting cold feet we'll get reaction from washington also coming up europe is pushing back on the american defense the iran nuclear deal saying it's the best way to support peace and stability in the middle east german chancellor made its consummate comments on iran in a speech to parliament. which like those who need the. brokerage picking taking criticism for him even council president donald just cool lashes out at u.s. president donald trump will tell you what prompted the e.u.
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leaders blunt attack. and two of the best clubs in europe square off tonight in the final hour of the europa league both must say and i think the common dreams are in good spirits but much is at stake we'll give you a preview of the morning. on leyla rock thank you very much for your company everyone always start our broadcast with north korea as a belt face the trip administration says it's optimistic that a planned summit between the u.s. and north korea will still go ahead as planned white house press secretary sara sanders of knowledge that president trump is prepared for what she called tough negotiations this after north korea cast doubt on the meeting saying it would not take part in the talks if it is going to be quote a one sided affair where it is pressured to give up its nukes. history
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being written only a few weeks ago at the summit of the north and south korean leaders where pyongyang said it was prepared to denuclearize but now north korea has put the brakes on. and a possible sign of growing problems the north to spur a summit shed jeweled with south korea. the reason. the us the annual us south korea joint military exercises just taking place the u.s. and south korea were surprised and disappointed. it's regrettable that north korea has decided to unilaterally perspire on the upcoming high level talks look this is something that we fully expect the president is very used to ready for tough negotiations and if they want to me will be ready and if they don't that's ok to.
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continue with a campaign of maximum pressure that's the case but like i just said if they want to meet the president will certainly be ready and we will be prepared but if not that's where i think president trump is taking credit for shepherding the korean peninsula towards peace last month meeting newly freed u.s. citizens who have been held prisoner in north korea release was hailed as yet another sign of thawing relations with pyongyang but now out of nowhere things could be up in the air so is this a temporary setback or are the talks off the table to the views washington birches alexander phenomenon joins us now alexandra we heard sarah sanders there saying oh we were expecting this this is not a surprise but it does look like the trumpet ministration seems to have been caught off guard by this turn of events have we heard from president trump was it all too good to be true. well know it's yet so we haven't heard from the president but he's
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scheduled to have a couple of open press events at the heart of the white house and i'm sure that he is going to be asked about that the white house says as you said that they were not called by a surprise they consider the new harsh remarks from the north korean regime to be a classic north korean techniques and we have to say that some experts here also say that such remarks are not coming as a surprise that the new rhetoric fits the north koreans pattern of raising the stakes in the goshi all right now how big of a blow would this be for president donald trump bush should these talks fall through. i would say it would be disappointing and embarrassing because the president has said that he's convinced that it was his
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campaign will pressure against the north korean regime that has brought so far in the first place and he has also said that he believes that he is the only one that can close the deal and convince the north korean regime to give up its nuclear weapons so it would be very embarrassing if the talks are not going to take place however we also have to add that the president has repeatedly said that he's ready to cancel the meeting if the conditions are not right and that he is also ready to walk out off the meeting if he has the impression that it's not going to be fruitful so he's keeping his options open north korea directed most of its anger i was on or towards the you knew us and national security advisor john bolton of the north korean deputy minister of foreign affairs spoke about his feeling of repugnance towards him how is that gone down in washington. well
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it's very interesting to see that john bolton is facing some criticism even here in the united states he's known for his hawkish views on north korea and he has said that north korea must commit to a lead the armament libya and greece in two thousand and three it's to give up its nuclear nuclear and chemical weapons and only a few years later the regime was overthrown and gaddafi was brutally killed so it's clear that it's not as tempting model for north korea and some experts here say that it was not wise to draw this comparison and that it is something that has the potential of jeopardizing the talks. washington bureau chief alexander phenomena reporting think you are going to bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. facebook c.e.o.
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mark zuckerberg has agreed to appear before the european parliament in the wake of the global data sharing scandal the parliament's present. me a confirmed on twitter that sucker burgo would clarify issues as early as next week nearly three million each you based facebook users had their data shared without their consent by british firm cambridge analytical. gautam allah has opened an embassy in jerusalem guatemalan to present to jim rollyson and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu attend the opening which comes just two days after tensions were raised to boiling point by the opening of the us embassy in the city israeli troops shot dead dozens of palestinian protesters at the gaza border. a man in china has a scaped with more than forty five thousand euros worth of items in
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a brazen raid on a jewelry store chinese state television has been reporting surveillance footage that you're seeing right here shows him squeezing out of the store shutters before filling the bag and making off into the night a police investigation is ongoing. german chancellor americal has defended the iran nuclear deal and again criticized u.s. president donald trump for remaking the agreement she was speaking during a budget debate in the parliament americal acknowledged that the deal with tehran was far from perfect but should dialogue would achieve much more than walking away from the table. there are more issues to discuss like the ballistic missile program it or the influence of iran and hizbollah in syria. there are other questions as well hm. but the one question we have to answer and that we already have answered in opposition to the united states is there
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a stronger level of dialogue if one abandons the deal or is the dialogue stronger if one remains in the deal. we believe that by not leaving the iran deal it will be easier to continue talks which we must do ladies and gentlemen because the ballistic missile program is a great danger most specifically for israel. markel is speaking there a little while ago well anger over trump's decision on iran is also behind a very stinging rebuke from a top u.s. official european council president donald to school lashed out at trump ahead of a meeting of leaders that's also expected to be dominated by the u.s. as threat to impose tariffs on european steel will weigh in with our correspondent in just a moment but first take a listen to tasks rather harsh words. looking at the latest the president's
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trip. with friends like that. but frankly speaking. europe should be grateful for a president. because. we have got through it all. because floyd of realized that if you need a big hand. you will find one of your. stinging criticism there from council president donald correspondence barbara vessel is in the bulgarian capital sofia where in leaders are gathering barbara the e.u. may want to emancipate itself as being suggested by mr trust but cutting ties with the us just isn't realistic how low can transatlantic relations go before they reach the breaking point. they have pretty much reached rock bottom line
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at this particular point because if you look at the whole development off the station it is an ongoing escalation it started was trump after he came into office after some months leaving the paris climate agreement then he announced that he would move the american embassy in israel to jerusalem then he announced steel tariffs then he finally sort of trashed the iran deal which was more or less the proudest foreign policy achievement off the european union and finally just yesterday he came out was threatening sanctions because off air bus and so it is going on and on and so the mood is beyond sour it is really very bad and people are totally angry here right and not backing down from the iran nuclear deal in the meantime but i just how far is brussels prepared to go with this because i mean it's basically powerless in the face of u.s.
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sanctions isn't it. depends on whom you listen to of course if you listen to the french they are so angry. the french president i think is absolutely personally furious because he feels that he has been made a spectacle off in it when he was visiting in washington you know being paraded around and then leaving was empty hands same goes for going to america no mccraw it takes a more hardline approach of washington they can to dictate to us what we do so very hard words from paris angela merkel of course the german chancellor is a bit more careful however we have heard she also is quite angry about the situation so yes europeans are really pulling together in the face of the what they feel as increasing hostility from donald trump and they know that their only chance lies in being unified and try in trying to really forge their own way forward find
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their own solution to circumvent american sanctions and circumvent trounce policies but that will be no easy matter barbara in the meantime reports that there will be an iran summit being held in vienna next week russia already supporting that initiative is the deteriorating terry ration in transatlantic relations playing into the hands of president vladimir putin. of course if you imagine putting sits in the kremlin i'm sure there must be a grin from one side of his face to the other because he sees the cracks in the wall he sees the what used to be the transatlantic relationship is crumbling and tumbling down the hill and of course putin already has his foot stretched out to sort of push it into the door with a t.c.s. opening and the european union is not choosing that situation but more or less they really have to talk to putin to sit to get alongside him to solve the situation was
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iran. correspondent barbara they still in the bulgarian capital sofia thank you. and as european leaders are grappling with ways of how to keep iran deal alive there is a lot at stake when it comes to business interests or exactly definitely the huge companies here in europe one e.u. commissioner says they're prepared to use legislation making it illegal for european companies to comply with u.s. sanctions targeting iran u.s. president or trump has threatened to slap sanctions on firms that do business with iran and he's naming knight. has some gun j.v. and checks the news several times a day fearing you know entrepreneur is currently in germany visiting his business partners he sells medical technology and is also involved in the computer industry . donald trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal comes up at every
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business meeting how will the e.u. react will there be new sanctions against iran. done j.v. and has made a lot of contacts through international trade fairs like this one in tehran last year and he has contracts with european companies but now many of his partners are uncertain about the future of the businesses. carnes right now we have to sit down and see what's going on basically through the improvement relations between iran and european companies especially with germany and the very moment in our history we can see who are real partner. and to be as book spam speaks to his staff in the middle east
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several times a day fire video link from darmstadt in southwestern germany he provides high speed satellite internet to customers in afghanistan pakistan and iran. airlines have shown a lot of interest but getting the money together for these kinds of orders could become increasingly problematic that's what one of what would have worked fine a week ago might be impossible next week getting some of the fun these big projects for instance a european bank with branches in the u.s. won't be able to finance them. and. is still trying to keep its customers in the middle east's happy but if the sanctions go ahead businesses like his might have a difficult future. trade tensions continue to rise between the globe's top two economies china is stepping up inspections of key u.s. imports like pork and cause terror threats from both sides hang over billions of dollars of goods that could spark
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a trade war now another high level delegation from beijing is visiting washington. he might feel like the has china in the palm of his hand u.s. president donald trump placed sanctions on chinese electronics giant z t that almost ruined them but now trump is promising to be more lenient and help them back into business provided china scrapped plans to impose sanctions on u.s. agricultural imports. it is well known that the president wants to reduce the bilateral trade gap. i think the way to do that is for china to lower barriers across the border to us export now and do it that also creates growth their growth keeping these barriers down is important for u.s. farmers they would be hit hardest by the chinese tariffs announced in retaliation to trump's plans tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum imports farmers are important voters for donald trump and he'll need their support at the mid-term
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elections come autumn. to japan where the economy shrank in the first quarter government statistics show g.d.p. fell by point two percent compared to the previous quarter it hasn't been helped by deflation fears with consumers spending less money and industry staying away from even vestments and it comes on the back of the country's longest expansion since the boom times of the one thousand nine hundred. fears over italy's economic future have spooked markets to populist parties trying to form a government were reportedly planning on exiting the euro zone and writing off public debt it's part of a draft proposal that since greatly changed according to the bodies still markets went haywire and analysts are questioning the economic sustainability of their other plants the leader of the five star movement has said that he wants to spend seventeen billion euros on christian welfare payments for the four is like the coalition of the right league wants to introduce
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a flat tax rate of fifteen percent. more on the market reaction from daniel corp our financial correspondent in frankfurt daniel tell me a bit more about the market reaction here first of all though the parties have since said that that document has dramatically changed the part about leaving the euro zone has been taken out but what about that part about that really well i can tell you that investors here on the trading floor were raising their eyebrows when this was breaking investors here are already concerned what kind of consequences in italian government led by a populous party like the five star movement could mean for the country we are learning now more details those were leaked you mention it to a newspaper about their coalition agreement with the leak of party and yes they are considering to talk to the european central bank here and frankfurt about a possible two hundred fifty billion euro debt relief for the country all of this is making investors very much a loner they don't think that the e.c.b.
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at the end will follow this request economists launches here from germany but also from italy are calling all of this completely under a listing but many here also on the trading floor are wondering if this could be just the beginning of another financial crisis for the country and yes after the leak both parties now also because it's been known for quite some time that these two parties could form a coalition and most people know what they're all about. yes exactly i guess when this was now leaking and really breaking it was really making investors nervous because there's so much uncertainty what's now really going to happen you know with the country with the latest rumors have most of the effect that the italian government bonds today many really have no idea what the future for italy is going to look like also we have to talk about the euro it has been dropping even more close to one dollar eighteen and also the index on the milan stock exchange was down by zero point seven five percent the worst performance
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among main european stock exchanges here thanks for keeping up with keeping us up to date on the italian drama. there. it's always dramatic to leave it as it is keeping up with it is there a cooling off but it isn't thank you so very much in the european union was also among the topics of debate in the germany's the parliament's a budget debate chancellor merkel said she was working on a response to e.u. reform proposals by french president and run my call and that to germany would have been answered before next month's e.u. summit but not all lawmakers are in favor of contributing more german money to brussels. it was money time for marilyn the bundestag. discussing her proposed budget talked about both how much she wants to invest in germany and whether her government is willing to fork out more for the e.u. france's president in one remark call once additional investment in the block but
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merkel is cautious though it is nearly all of it would be pretty difficult to put more in the e.u. budget and more in the eurozone budget while still maintaining a used ability pretty area we'll be talking to france about dilemma in obvious effects and. for the far right populist if the there is no dilemma they say merkel is simply wasting german money. so you will. celebrate president in manama cost plants don't oppose a massive transfer of german tax money or the creation of an e.u. finance minister so on the contrary you seem to be in a hurry and to shift responsibility to paris and brussels and to spend tax money which you never. get that the fear you need i put out. the center right f.t.p. also accuses the government of wastefulness. other. all of our
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partners in europe want to know what they're spending their money on. we are the only ones in europe saying we'll give more money without knowing what it's for me not good enough vegetables. because junior coalition partners the social democrats favor more german financial support for the e.u. . as was offered as the country that profits most from the e.u. it is their own fundamental self-interest to strengthen the european bloc to refuse would be to pull the rug from under a hundred feet and ask them to others that. can make. the very pro e.u. green say that merkel isn't going. far enough in my calls direct evidence it's called don't get that call and that's the point is for us to project that we're full of this vision of a company or the point is that we put up the money but this is precisely what you finance minister didn't do i don't wish to mouth. close to balance between
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supporting my cause desire for a stronger you and taking heed of skepticism among german taxpayers the good news is that state revenues are on the rise giving here a bit more leeway. and news just in that we want to share with you but in this league aside i'm tough func for it have just announced a new head coach eighty hitter has signed a three year contract replacing the outgoing nico colebatch who will join byron munich has her recently won the swiss super league with the young boys burton and frankfurt are set to face by munich in the german cup final this very weekend and next up the euro bellying get final kicks off in france tonight olympic musée and a political madrid will face off in what is both the club's last chance to win a trophy this season while the french outfit are known for their attacking prowess
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atletico are the masters of defense it's sure to be a thrilling spectacle on the pitch. goals galore is what most say have been known for this season star player dimitri paez has not stopped twenty four assists while . has set up eighteen and scored twenty six however the french outfit are a long way away from their monthly nineties heyday where they won the champions league and reached two more european finals truthful to him all the. while ones that imitate what a famous prita says is good. let's echostar going away i know that it's going to be very difficult it's going to be quite a mission but that would make it even more of a sensation if we did get our hands on the trophy. opponents of let it go madrid will be a tough nut to crack they have the meanest defense in spain just twenty goals conceded in the league and there are threats up front to. maul has racked up twenty seven goals and fifteen assists and will be eager to impress on home soil as recent
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winners and champions league regulars are plenty all the favorites. to win need to minimise their attacking prowess for a good time when they're a great side going forward he will have a lot of ambition. but had an excellent season in europe and in the french league i think it will be a beautiful football match and a beautiful final showdown and we have two teams have a very similar style but both official play direct football and use the pull very well for them within the last coach diego simeone he won't be on the bench for the final as he is still serving a touchline ban but the occasion will surely be enough to motivate both sets of players. all right and a reminder now the top story that we're following for you this hour. the u.s. says this optimistic that a plan summit with north korea will still go ahead washington acknowledged that the talks are likely to be tough john yang canceled high level talks with seoul and threaten to pull out of a meeting where president chavez the u.s.
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insists it must get rid of its nuclear weapons. on little rock and brolin you're watching news the news continues at the top of the hour see you back . tempo technique. the rhythm of the mock.
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